Welcome to the Second Annual Monster Bash!

En español donde sea disponible!
(Exterior of an abandoned ten-storey office building. A pixelboard near it reads:"Meatnsaucy presents Monster Bash - sold out")
(Interior of the building. Some decent pyrotechnics for a change.)
Welcome everyone to Monster Bash '98! We've rented out our abandoned office building yet again, although this year we won't need nearly as much space. A lot of it will be held outside. I'm here with Captain Twilight and Jamal Tupac Mustafa.
What a fantastically gimmicky show we have for you! On the basement level we're having our Smurf Mine Match between the Violent Pacifist and Wrestler Smurf. The first floor contains our standard ring, for such matches as the mixed-doubles submission match between Sir Hungalot and Candy Cantaloupes, and Sweet Candy Andy and Gratuitous Tina; and the Sales Pitch match between the Techie Salesmen from Hell and Milwaukee's Best.
Yo, thass right, and the second flo', we gots da King and Presto Cadabra in the "house rules" razorcard match. Yo', and we gots Helmut the monkey. Thass why we can't put it on da first flo', dat monkey liable to do anything.
The third floor has thirty-one tables set up for the Table Blowout match between the Asylum team and Dr. Snare's mystery team. The fourth floor contains the hot coals for Prisoner X vs. Death, and the fifth floor contains the real danger. Tyrone Mayhem and the Pencil-Necked Geek will be in a ring with the ropes replaced by barbed wire, a cat-o'-nine-tails on a pole, exploding ringposts, and a time bomb! Ouch.
Outside, we've set up the gigantic sphere for the Thunderball match between B.F. Sack and PunkMe PayMe. PunkMe has been doing quite well in the Shoot-For-Loot contests. Will his luck continue all the way to the championship? Also Très Sheik will face douja in our Moving Bus match which will be sure to cause a stir, if douja ever shows up. Finally, we have a camera set up at Pier Six, where the Bully will face our Elite Dwarf champion, Pee Wee RRRico. Obviously, a non-title contest.
So many great matches, I don't know where to begin! Let's start on the first floor, with the mixed-doubles submission match.
This contest is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring first, from New York City, with a combined weight of 369 lbs., Sweet Candy Andy and Gratuitous Tina!
Voiceover: Man, my chocolate's SOOOOOOOO sweet!
("Stayin' Alive" plays as Sweet Candy Andy drives his pink Cadillac to the ring with Tina in the back seat. Somewhat loud pop, with more catcalls for Tina.)
And their opponents, from Paradise, Pennsylvania, also with a combined weight of 369 lbs., Sir Hungalot and Candy Cantaloupes!
("Love Roller Coaster" by Ohio Players plays as Sir Hungalot struts to the ring, with Candy clutching his arm.)

***bell rings.
Sweet Candy Andy and Sir Hungalot will start things off. Obviously. Andy with a big knife-edge chop. Hungalot being set up for the ride, Andy comes in, and he hits the ringpost hard as Sir Hungalot moves out of the way. Sir Hungalot capitalizes with a backslide: the ref reminds Sir Hungalot that this is a submission match.
It's very easy to forget when you're used to trying pins.
True enough. Sir Hungalot puts Andy up in a torture rack right off....Andy shifts his weight and sends Sir Hungalot crashing backward, both men taking a bad hit on that one. Both men up. The Candyman with a top-wristlock. Sir Hungalot with a reversal. The knight in latex armor is working over Andy's left arm. Andy manages to make a tag to Gratuitous Tina. Sir Hungalot tags over to Candy Cantaloupes, and now we'll get to see the women go at it!
Awoooo! Catfight, baby! Dis alone is worth da price of admission.
You pig. In my day we treated women with respect. That may be why I have grandchildren and you haven't had a date in six months.
Gentlemen, please, air out your dirty laundry later. Tina pulling the hair of Candy. Candy with a back body drop. She tops it off with a big splash. The frat boys in the second row of the audience are really making a ruckus! Let's hope we don't need to eject them. The match here has dissolved into clawing and slapping. Andy is encouraging Gratuitous Tina to do some submission moves. Tina attempts a sleeperhold!
Well, it's not bad for a start.
Candy reaches the ropes. Tina pushes Candy down and tries a half-Crab.
I bet dese girls know a lot about Crabs.
Don't make me kick you out of the booth. Even Colonel Khorne has more civility.
Candy once again reaches the ropes. Tina makes the tag to Sweet Candy Andy once more. Andy cracks his knuckles and hops the ropes. Apparently, he's going to enjoy this. The Candyman with a dragon sleeper. Sir Hungalot is furious! Candy still has some life in her yet. She breaks the hold, much to Sweet Candy Andy's surprise. Candy elbows His Sweetness in the gut and tags in Sir Hungalot!
This match looks ready to close.
Sir Hungalot leaps onto the top rope. High crossbody block, look at that hang time! Andy is completely stunned. Sir Hungalot is going for it... yes! He's applying the G-Spot! The Candyman is asking for assistance, but what would Tina do in this case, anyway? Not much. Sweet Candy Andy is a real trooper, though. He's just not giving up. Sir Hungalot is giving it all he's got and more! But the Candyman's will is just too strong. Sir Hungalot trudges over to his corner with Andy still in the G-Spot. Candy has been tagged again. Sir Hungalot lets go of the legs but maintains a camel clutch, and Candy picks up the ball to apply a Boston Crab!
Look at dat! Dey doin' the Forces of Justice's Deathwish!
Indeed. And as we well know, it doesn't take long for a back to snap from that. Sweet Candy Andy gives up!
Here are your winners, Sir Hungalot and Candy Cantaloupes!
What a great opening match. We're moving to the second floor now, where Presto and the King, and yes, Helmut too, are ready to do battle with the razorcards. No pinfalls, count-outs or disqualifications, or submissions per se. They're just going to keep brawling until one guy says no more.
The Kamera Kid got there late it seems, both men are already into it! Both Presto and the King have their deck of razorcards, and more will be made available if need be! This is going to be a bloodbath of Heart-Breaking Hell proportions! (Go see HBH if you don't believe me!)
The King is going for more close-in fighting, actually using the razorcard as a type of dagger, while Presto is more long-range, flicking the cards at the King. The King gets a good slice right in Presto's chest! Presto with a hiptoss and gives the King a fistdrop with three cards planted between his fingers! Oh my, how much more can we take? Presto with a Heile Woo-esque double-fisted razorcard action, tossing two cards at a time! The King dodges most of them, luckily.
Yo, speakin' o' Heile Woo, did you know douja is set ta guest star on Heile Woo's Wanse a Teef? Dat TV show wit da narc cop who works both sides? Yeah, and douja getsta do one o' da famous double-handed smokin' sequences! Man, I wish I was like dat guy.
Presto in control. That last card grazed the King's ear. Presto sticks a card in the turnbuckle, and Irish-whips the King right towards it. The King just reversed it! Presto takes one right in the back. Wait, Helmut's been picking up the dropped, used cards. He's tossing them randomly! Presto's and the King's legs are being sliced up really badly! Presto whistles, and here comes Janice, with Brünhilde on a leash.
I don't like the looks of this.
Helmut really looks scared - he's running around and shrieking. Presto picks up the small monkey and heaves him in the tiger's direction. The big Bengal is...is...oh, I can't watch.
I can!
This may be the last we see of Helmut. Oh...wait...pardon us a moment.

No animals were harmed during the taping of Monster Bash.

Okay, we're clear. My conscience is soothed, anyway. But Br&uunhilde's finished with the appetizer, it's time for the main course! Remember, no disqualifications means anything goes. Any bets as to whether the King will last with both Presto AND a Bengal tiger? The King fighting back with all he's got. He shakes out the rest of his deck and heaves it at the Magician. Presto deftly waves his hand and the cards all drop to the ground? Presto laughs at the King. He now unleashes the Tiger who stalks the King slowly...the King is terrified. Presto puts the whistle to his lips...the King quits!
Presto just blew the whistle anyway!
Look at the expression on the King's face! He looks dead pale! But wait, all the tiger is doing is licking the King's face. Presto and Janice are laughing at their victory.
Here is your winner, PRESTO CADABRA!
Rimshot can't be disappointed. To the third floor now, and the table blowout match!
This is the Table Blowout match. The objective is to drive the opposing team through the most tables - sixteen to win. Currently in the ring, representing the Asylum Alliance, ThatGuy, BILL...and Vito Sorvino!
BILL: Wasn't somebody else supposed to be here? The guy you worked for?
Vito: Sir?
BILL: That guy?
ThatGuy: Me?
BILL: No, no. Oh, never mind. I'm sure I'll remember who he was eventually.

As planned, ThatGuy, BILL and Vito Sorvino are ready to go!
And their opponents, representing Dr. Snare's team....Dr. Snare...
(he enters)
Identity Crisis Man!
(The orange-and-white man enters, doffing his costume and putting on the sock)
And Stealth Bomber!
(The tie-dyed man enters, and the crowd picks up)

***bell rings.
The Spanish announcers and French announcers have picked their tables, and remember, it's only legal if the table breaks while a set of announcers are at that particular table. ThatGuy hooks up with Dr. Snare, BILL with Identity Crisis Man and Stealth Bomber with Vito Sorvino. It looks like Vito is going to go through our first table already...right through the French table! It's Snare's team 1, Asylum 0. A lot of brawling at ringside here. BILL has Identity Crisis Man, ready to do a BILLplex! Yes! BILL evens up the score. Dr. Snare puts ThatGuy in a powerbomb through the Spanish announcer's table, who just had to relocate after the BILLplex. These announcers are running all over the place, these tables are being broken like they're pre-cut!
They ain't?
I didn't say that. Well, the action has moved inside the ring while the janitors clear out the broken tables. We couldn't announce all of this, it would just take too much effort. But right now Snare's team is leading 12-10. BILL has been busted wide open, but that's nothing new for him. Stealth Bomber is going to take a reverse DDT from ThatGuy right now from the ring height! OH NO! ThatGuy hit a table, but no announcers were in it at the time. ThatGuy must take a five-minute penalty. Can BILL and Vito go it alone? Dr. Snare picks up Vito Sorvino, and Identity Crisis Man picks up BILL. Stealth Bomber is still laid out at ringside. Dr. Snare with a double-underhook DDT, and Identity Crisis Man, amazingly, with a piledriver!
14-10 for Snare and the not-so-mystery partners.
BILL took a nasty bump. Vito Sorvino is left to defend his team! Dr. Snare hands Vito a face-first powerbomb! Oh my. That means just one more table, and the Asylum Alliance is done. But wait, the five minutes have expired! Here comes ThatGuy! He picks up Vito Sorvino and does the deed himself! Why?
Why not? Vito sucks.
ThatGuy, or rather Vito, just lost for the team.
Here are your winners, Dr. Snare, Identity Crisis Man, and Stealth Bomber!
That match wasn't so bad. Could have used more content though. Nevertheless, to the fourth floor! The fans are clamoring for a match that means something, so why not give them something big.
That's not nice. Relegating BOTH Prisoner X and Death to a midcard spot.
So what, we have only so many hot coals - if we leave this match for the end, we'll just have a hot ash match and those are no fun. Both men are ready to go.
***bell rings.
Prisoner X and Death step on the hot coals. The Prisoner winces a bit, but Death seems unaffected. Death and the Prisoner lock up. Prisoner X with an armdrag takedown on the coals. Death seems right in his element and takes it like a normal takedown.
He's probably too drunk to notice.
Death right back up. He hiptosses the Prisoner. P-X goes down and exhales in pain. Death with a legdrop and pulls Prisoner X up. The back of the Prisoner's uniform is blackened. Prisoner X with a kneelift. It's obvious that takedowns won't be effective on Death. Prisoner X with a headbutt. And a swinging neckbreaker!
Dey both felt dat one.
Death pours alcohol on the coals - Prisoner X is getting barbecued! He jumps up and he's running around, on fire! Death is laughing. Prisoner X gives him a belly-to-belly suplex. Both men in flames now! That uniform must be flame retardant, because it's just being singed, and not much else. Death is a different story. He tries to stop, drop and roll, but rolling on a heat source isn't going to do much good! Prisoner X grabs Death's bottle of alcohol and pours it on Death, and wow! Look at the flambé. Death gets on a turnbuckle and pats himself out. While he's on the buckle, he goes for a splash, but Prisoner X catches him in mid air for a powerslam. Prisoner X is pounding the life out of the incoherent Death. Death just spat in the Prisoner's eyes. Death with a headscissors takedown - he must be spending time with the luchadores again.
Hey, dey know how ta party.
Death going for a bulldogging headlock...Prisoner X gets out, and gives Death a sidewalk slam. And a kneedrop! Our first cover of the match: 1...2...kickout!
Both men here feeling the effects of the match. The Prisoner is sweating like crazy, and Death bruised and battered.
Prisoner X anticipating Death's next move...and now he's hopping all over the ring! The soles of his shoes just burned out. He quickly takes them off and throws them at Death. He leaps on Death to avoid touching the coals directly. Death topples backward: 1...2...no. Prisoner X grabs Death to the top rope...SUPERPLEX! Prisoner X looks ready to do the Lockdown...it's applied! But Prisoner X lets go quickly afterward.
He just can't hold his feet in one position on the coals.
Death gets up and to the top buckle one more time....back splash! Is it over? 1...2...yes! Prisoner X has defeated Death, in home court, if you will.
Here is your winner, PRISONER X!
The Kamera Kid is racing to the fifth floor to catch the action about to ensue there. All the equipment is ready to go. There's the cat-o'-nine-tails on the pole, the ringposts look very thick indeed with their explosives, and that barbed wire looks extra...barbed. Hmmm. Is the time bomb set up? Our pyro guys are giving the thumbs-up on that one. Tyrone Mayhem is already in the ring. Here comes the Pencil-Necked Geek now.
Geek: Ha ha! Once more, my superior intellect is going to foil you. Observe!
What's happening? A ceiling light just fell on a ringpost, and Tyrone is thrown back from the impact!
PNG: It's a little Ty-B-Q! I like collard greens with my barbecue myself.
Collard greens are falling from the ring, for some strange reason. Another ceiling light drops on a ringpost. Tyrone is going to be seriously hurt... without the Geek in the ring!
Tyrone: Oh, that's it, you gonna pay, motha<-BLEEP->a.
Tyrone Mayhem is starting to climb the pole to get the cat-o'-nine-tails. The Geek is frantically trying to drop ceiling lights, but they're all falling around the pole. Tyrone is halfway up...
The Geek gonna get some beatdown now!
The only thing falling on Tyrone are more of these stupid collard greens. Tyrone has the cat-o'-nine-tails!
Tyrone: Now the score's even, yo'.
From the top of that 15-foot pole, all the way to the ringfloor, Tyrone with a huge dropkick, landing square on the Geek's jaw! The Geek is thrown to the floor. Tyrone is whipping him like a...
PLEASE don't say "government mule".
Geek: Hey! This wasn't part of the plan! Nooooo!
It seems that the Pencil-Necked Geek forgot to take into account the non-exploding parts of the ring.
There's no such thing as a perfect strategy, V.
Tyrone tosses the Geek into the ring, but the Geek's suspenders get caught on the barbed wire! Tyrone with some more whipping.
Geek: Ow! Hey, the match hasn't even started yet!
***bell rings.
Geek: Oh crap!
The Geek's not going anywhere. Tyrone's just leaving! Captain, get over there and find out what's going on.
Tyrone, why are you walking away?
There's still a timebomb, yo'. I'll let it do the work fo' me. No need fo' me ta stick around, yo.
Geek: You can't do this! I'll submit, just let me down.

Tyrone: Just the words I wanted ta hear.
Tyrone frees the Geek, a remarkable act of altruism.
Here is your winner, as a result of a submission, Tyrone Mayhem!
Tyrone: Now getcho' butt outta here, and back to announcin', befo' I start up the whip again.
The Pencil-Necked Geek hightails it. We've just been informed that the Smurf Mine match in the basement is ready to go.
This match is scheduled for one fall. Currently in the ring, from Smurf Village, he weighs in at 325 lbs. He is WRESTLER SMURF!
(Wrestler Smurf displays his pickaxe, his mining cart and a small jar of nitroglycerin.)

Is it really wise to bring nitroglycerin, after what happened last time we did?
Oh, lighten up, Captain.
And his opponent, from Seattle, Washington and weighing 330 lbs., one half of the Unlikely Alliance, THE VIOLENT PACIFIST!
("Closer" by Nine Inch Nails plays. The Violent Pacifist enters with a single piece of equipment: I giant stick of dynamite with the printed words "I'm Sorry" on it.)

I see now why this thing is in the basement.
***bell rings.
The Violent Pacifist short-fuses the dynamite and lights it! He tosses it in the ring...it blows in midair! Wrestler Smurf is knocked to the ground and held there. The Violent Pacifist comes in and makes the pin: 1...2...3! I can't believe it; it's over already? What a cheap match!
VP: Perhaps, but I managed to get the win without injuring a hair on anyone's head. Those are the victories I love best.
I'm seriously starting to wonder if Der Kommissaar won't ask him to pick up the "Violence" and ease up on the "Pacifism".
He's got a point. Why waste effort when you can win by knocking your opponent to the ground?
Don't defend the Violent Pacifist. But wait, who's this man coming to ringside?
I seen this guy befo'! Yeah, he da new guy, what's his face.
Harlequin from Hell?
No, no, da udda guy, who mighta killed Kennedy?
The NiGhtMare? You're right, it is. He's senselessly attacking the Violent Pacifist, but we have no idea why! Could it be the Sir Hungalot link?
If that's true, why didn't he interfere in the first match? Oh well.
VP: Why are you doing this to me? Stop, we can talk this out!
The NiGhtMare unrelenting. The Violent Pacifist is fighting back. Well, we have to move on, but thank goodness we have rings on different floors. We can let these two keep fighting! Our last match inside the building will take place at the same location as the first: the lobby. After this, we'll head outside.
This contest is set for one fall, and is for the STWF Tag team belts. Making their way first, the challengers, with a combined weight of 420 lbs., Bait and Switch, the TECHIE SALESMEN FROM HELL!
(They enter to the annoying five-note jingle of Intel Inside.)
And their opponents, the challengers, representing the Inner Circle and weighing 550 lbs., Beast and Beast Light, MILWAUKEE'S BEST!

***bell rings.
Beast Light and Bait will start off this Sales Pitch match. Beast Light with a rake to the eyes. Bait wails and clutches his eyes, he drops to the canvas and drums his heels, rocking back and forth.
That's pretty good selling.
They're experts. Bait up now, he gives Beast Light a short clothesline. Beast Light drops to his knees, clutching his neck and choking. Bait follows up with a kick to the side of the head, and Beast drops to the canvas, selling it immensely.
I wonda how long this takes befo' the novelty wears off.
Beast Light obviously hurt, he tags in Beast. Beast with a flying forearm right off the bat! Bait throws himself backward right to the other corner. Panting, he tags in Switch.
This IS getting a little excessive.
Switch with a chop. Beast is acting like he has internal bleeding. Beast slowly to his feet. He gives a headbutt. Switch is grasping his head in pain!
Damn it, we get the point already!
Switch goes over to Bait. They're discussing matters. Beast does the same with Beast Light. What on earth could they be talking about?
Beats me.
Both men back to the middle of the ring. Switch and Beast circling each other...Switch with...an ab rake!
Pulling a page right out of the Aboriginals' book!
Beast: Oh come on, how do you sell an ab rake?
***bell rings.
Here are your winners, and NEEEEEEW STWF tag team champions, THE TECHIE SALESMEN FROM HELL!
Beast didn't know how to sell the maneuver, so it was considered a submission. That's how it goes.
We goin' outside now, right?
Yessir. Only three matches remain. We'll start by heading over to Pier Six. Pee Wee RRRico is going up against the Bully.
***bell rings.
The Bully dominating from the get-go. He picks up the dwarf, and gives him a spinning piledriver! And now he takes a rope lying around, and ties him up like a yo-yo, spinning him around, up and down.
Ooh, that Bully. Why doesn't he pick on someone his own size? He's just toying with RRRico.
It's true that the Bully has had no real competition here. The Bully using the rope, and slamming Pee Wee against the side of that speedboat. The Bully is loving every minute of this, and why shouldn't he, beating up on someone of whom he's six times the weight? The Bully now using the rope, and dipping Pee Wee RRRico in and out of the bay. That water is freezing cold!
An' we can't afford ta have the midget shrink down any more than he is, there'll be nuttin' left!
Hmph. Pee Wee RRRico has almost had enough. The Bully doesn't have his commode with him, but why would he need it? The Bully simply takes RRRico, and finishes him off by twirling the dwarf around over his head, and then DOWN into the pier. Oh no! Pee Wee RRRico just broke through the pier! Luckily he's still attached to the rope, and the Bully makes a quick cover: 1...2...3.
I sure hope he's happy doing this, because I'm sure not.
Here is your winner, THE BULLY!
Now normally, the Heavyweight Title match would be last, but seeing as how PunkMe PayMe is the challenger, we'll do that first and leave the Moving Bus match until the end. PunkMe PayMe and B.F. Sack have entered the Thunderball! This is basically a no-holds-barred match, just like Thunderdome, except this dome is a ball - and capable of movement.
Yo, isn't a big movin' ball like a threat to nearby buildin's an' stuff?
What's your point?
***bell rings.
B.F. Sack picks up PunkMe PayMe and gives him a vertical suplex. That gets the ball rolling...but not much. He goes for a dropkick...PunkMe PayMe is sent against the side of the Thunderball, and it rolls until he's on the "floor". Sack covers: 1...2....kickout?!
Hey, why not.
PunkMe PayMe is up...he's looking scared - and trying to run away from B.F. Sack! Sack follows the chase...
The Thunderball is really picking up momentum now!
PunkMe PayMe stop suddenly and jumps in the air. B.F. Sack takes a flying elbow! The ball is still moving, but PunkMe is adhered to the wall, and he's travelling in a circle! Wall...ceiling...wall...floor.
Sack gots da pattern now. PunkMe PayMe is takin' hits every time around!
This could be a seriously interesting match if we had a more able competitor than PunkMe PayMe in there. Where's the Thunderball headed, anyway?
According to the camera....this building!
(large crash and shudder is felt)
I guess this building won't be the site for next year's Monster Bash, and we're going to lose the deposit on this place, but I wonder what the owners of this place will write on the insurance claim?!
PunkMe PayMe is out cold. B.F. Sack sees no need to continue further. He places the Domino Effect on PunkMe PayMe. Not like it matters, B.F. Sack remains your champion.
Here is your winner, and STILLLLLL STWF Heavyweight champion, B.F. SACK!
It's time for the final match of the evening. The Moving Bus match! The Rogue and Très Sheik are waiting outside the bus...but where's douja?
Well, he said he wouldn't show...
Wait, here he comes! SuperWrestler and Grandma are taking him by an ear each. They heave him in the bus. The Rogue is rubbing his hands together with glee. Grandma and SuperWrestler shake hands. The bus closes, and the referee/driver starts the bus, and this match is on!
douja, our champ, clotheslines Très Sheik. The Sheik manages to fall on a nicely padded seat. The Sheik now, he opens up a window and sticks douja's head through it. He repeatedly closes and opens the window on douja's neck! What innovation! The bus makes a brief stop at a red light. Très Sheik seizes the opportunity to rush out and bring back a No Parking sign!
Is this bus headed to Philadelphia?
The Sultan of Sweet clocks douja with the sign. And pokes him in the gut with it! And a final hit right over the back! Finally, the Sheik with an axe kick right over the back of douja, what a combination! He covers: 1...2...shoulder up.
The Sheik takes a sharp edge from the sign, and he's cutting through the stop request bell rope. What's he going to do?
Yo, douja gettin' back into it now.
Très Sheik is getting a lot of hits, but he's not letting it stop him from cutting off a good length of bell rope.
The Sheik has the bell rope. He's choking douja with it! Is this legal? The driver is too busy keeping his eyes on the road to care. douja is being choked out!
The Gallery member still in total domination. He pushes open the emergency-exit hatch at the top of the bus, and now he's climbing up and onto the roof! douja doesn't know whether or not to follow. In fact, he can't see the Sheik. He's just peering up the hatch. Oh wow, the Sheik with a legdrop from the roof of the bus!
That ain't nearly so impressive as that dropkick Tyrone gave earlier...
Maybe, but from a moving bus? That has to impress some people. The Sheik is ready to do it again! douja decides to follow the Sheik up. There they are, on the roof of the bus, brawling. douja trips the Sheik, and this match just got more interesting. The Sheik hanging on to the side of the bus. douja trying to kick him off, but not succeeding. The Sheik is struggling to get back up. The glass window by his feet has been broken in the attempt. The Sheik just grabbed douja's foot and is dragging him down! The Sheik gets back inside through the broken window, and douja is dragged in the same way. Both men cut from all the glass, but neither cares at this point! douja with a neckbreaker. Très Sheik jumps back up. They're fighting all the way to the front of the bus. What now? Wait...the Sheik hits the brakes of the bus hard! douja just went crashing through the windshield of the bus!
How much is this going to cost the Ivory Tower?
douja is just outside the bus. The Sheik with a flying somersault splash through the broken windshield! The referee leaves the bus to do a count on the highway: 1....2.......3! What a great ending.
Here is your winner, and NEEEEEEW Intercontinental Cruiserweight "This is not a Championship Belt But It's Close" belt champion.....TRÈS SHEIK!
The medics are coming now to check on both participants, as both were cut up pretty badly. But what a great card! We'll see you next on Friday Friday Friday, as we'll see some debuts - Harlequin from Hell will battle StreetMime, and the NiGhtMare will face the Stalker from the Total Annihilation Squad. In addition, there's douja vs. the Tiger in a non-title contest, and the Unlikely Alliance will face the Vegas Connection. Plus, the Shoot-For-Loot continues: Tyrone Mayhem vs. the Violent Pacifist! All this on Friday Friday Friday. On behalf of Captain Twilight and Jamal Tupac Mustafa, this is Angus "Vince" McMadden saying, thanks for ordering Monster Bash '98, and goodnight!
©1998 Stereo Type Wrestling Federation/Consejo Stereotypicos de Lucha Libre