From the Ivory Tower Straight to Your Freezer!

(The Exterior of the Ivory Tower is shown in all its magnificence. The one thing in the STWF that actually looks like they spent money on it. Pan interior of a large skating rink inside the Ivory Tower. Some fans are around, but not many could pass the metal detector test and are thus absent, or trying to take a peek in the windows. How they're doing that on the sixth floor of a building I don't know.)
Hello everyone, and welcome to In Your Face: IceJam. I'm here in the Ivory Tower, and...Captain Twilight, Jamal Tupac Mustafa, Col. "Pops" Khorne, the Pencil-Necked Geek and Gary "the Glutton" Gourmando are all in action tonight! I'd better find some counterpoint.
Hey, I'll help ya out, dude. *snicker* Yeah.
And who, pray tell, are you?
I'm Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy. From Phi-Alpha-Gamma house.
So that would make you a...
Don't say it!
Very well. I guess I'm stuck. Do we need a third man? Should I call over the Creepy Timekeeper, Ted?
*snicker* Sure, man. That headcase is JUST what we need in this announcer's booth. :/
Very well. Hey Timekeeper, would you like to announce?
Really? Eeeeeehhhh. I've never been asked to do this before. You're my new friend. (smears Angus' face with a moist hand)
Ugh! Just keep your hands to yourself...(pause)...and your feet! And before you try, any other parts of your person. Can we just get to the pre-game ceremonies here?
Yeah. This douja guy comes in thinking he can outsmart the Rogue. Boy, HERE'S a winner. And he gets only one question right, while the Rogue gets a big 5. So instead of five grand, douja gets an eight-man pounding. Nice consolation prize. *snicker*.
(Rogue's Gallery theme music plays)
The Rogue: Hello, you Ivory Tower freeloaders! I'm here to show everyone that we've got the POWER, baby, 'cause we own the WORLD! Ha-LA! douja, get out here and take it like a man. It's only five minutes. And remember, nothing personal. Just business. Ha-LA!

Oooooohhhh, look at those guys, they look mean. Eeeeehhhh.
Uh...yeah. It's Khorne, it's Sheik, it's "Crude" Oil, it's the Rhythm and Blues Express - or should I say the Homeboyz now because of their new look and what happened earlier tonight- , it's the fearsome Sergeant Genocide, and the not-nearly-so-fearsome Aboriginals. douja is coming out here, trying to get a few more signatures onto that petition.
Yeah, DK is gonna listen to a petition. *snicker*
douja already received a North American ranking as a result.
That's what I said, DK is gonna listen to a petition.
You use sarcasm as a means to be right no matter what you say, don't you?
Shut up, dude.
I'm scared.
No, you're just scary. The Rogue is readying his men...and the attack begins! douja is taking a tremendous beatdown with those...pillows?
This is some beating, dude. I dunno if douja can take much more.
Eeeehhhhh. (licks his lollipop).
Okay, Creepy-T. Back to your table. You're not contributing anything, and the script is showing you're really not going to say much here. So move!
We'll always have Paris. Call me! (breathes in Angus' face)
Onion! Ugh. But wait, Très Sheik has shed the pillow and is stomping away at douja! The Rogue is pulling him aside and some heated words as a result.
Nope, nothing wrong in the Gallery. Everything's perfectly fine.
The Exorbitant Arab is just strutting back to the locker room, snapping his fingers. Who knows what this could mean for the Gallery? Or douja for that matter. Those Aboriginals are really having fun with these pillows, and I've never seen Colonel Khorne laugh so hard.
He's the life of the party. *snicker*
The five minutes are up in 5...4...3...2...1...and they stop.
Well, douja, looks like you passed the initiation! Take a T-shirt, 'cause you're a Gallery-ite now! Don't worry about the Sheik now, we'll get that settled in time.
douja: Uhhh....thanks yo.
And for the rest of you sub-simian trash in the stands, just remember...Ha-LA!
He sure has a way with words. *snicker*
I think so.
That's what I said.
It's going to be a long night. Now before we went to air, we had a dark match and we'd like to show you some of the highlights. Billy the Baker, the "Baked <-BLEEP->ss" ...I mean, "Baked Behind", and Petey the Peanut Guy, "the Roasted Peanut", took on the Unlikely Alliance (in VP and Sir Hungalot form) in the hopes of getting in the tag team ranks. And did they ever! The VP was in top form tonight, obviously prepared to climb that rickety easel and make a good shot at the NA belt. Sir Hungalot just couldn't focus tonight.
You could say he couldn't get it up for the match. *snicker*
Yes, thank you. Good point. It was the Roasted Peanut who pulled off the victory, slapping on the Peanut Buster Parfait - ironic punishment for the knight in latex armour. But if you take a look at this hurricanrana that the Violent Pacifist put on Mr. Planters at ringside? Wow.
What about this weak snapmare? THERE'S an impressive move.
How did the no-sold moves get in the highlight reel? Well, that's not important now. What IS important is...the IceJam! So let's get ready to JAM! Here's Announcer Lad to give us the rules of IceJam.
Huh? There's rules now? I wasn't informed of this. (is handed cards). Oh...THOSE rules. Silly me. Okay. There are 12 IceJam teams. Matches will be done in sets of three. The objective is to lap your opponents as many times with your "jammers". Is this right? Oh LORD. You may prevent other teams from doing so with your "blockers", using any old wrestling moves you like. Points are scored by each member of an opposing team being passed by a - *shudder* - "jammer". After the winning teams advance, there will be a semi-final match with two teams and a final match with two teams. The winning IceJam team gets...uh...I'm missing that card. Do they get anything?
I believe they receive lovely commemorative plaques, season passes to all the Ivory Tower facilities...
Really? COOL!
But wait, there's more! They also get this cool set of Ginsu knives. Japanese knives are the best in the world!
OddJobber: Oi! Would they be be'ah than our English knives?
Organ Grinder: Besser than our Cherman knives?

Oh, yeah, so put THAT in your pipes and smoke it, you jobbers! And finally, at Executive discretion, we might actually hand out some title shots!
I can see Tony Bascere getting a shot now. *snicker*
Okay, who do YOU like in this event? Seriously, not sarcastically now.
Well, you gotta like the Hubcap Gang even though they have two losers and someone with ring rust.
The Rogue's Gallery or the Inner Circle would be good choices but there's dissension now.
Club Med's got a girl, GOB has a bunch of geezers, and the Alliance has BILL...
And can we even discuss the dregs of the independent teams? You have to wonder if the good members can cover for the bad ones.
So it's settled. We're in for one great pay-per-view alright. *snicker*
I suppose so, Ted, I suppose so. Our first match up: The Inner Circle, the Asylum Alliance and the independent team of the Violent Pacifist, Petey the Peanut Guy and Billy the Baker, Gary "the Glutton" Gourmando, and Death. Earlier on, we got this tape from the Ivory Tower regarding Death.

(Camera opens on one of the few STWF executives in the Ivory Tower. Not the Executives, mind, this is some nameless schmoe with no real brass. The executive looks tired and weary. He is discussing something with a man seated in a chair that is just out of view of the camera.)
executive: So, you now understand what WE here want from you?
Unseen Man: Yeah, you want my help.
executive: Indeed, and with your help we can take the STWF to new heights. I will give you a couple of days to think about the offer the others involved, and I, have made to you.
Unseen Man: I have worked for this company for a little while now. This may be just what I need to make a bigger impact than I did with my first coming.
executive: Sounds like you may have already made up your mind.
Unseen Man: Possibly!

(with that the Man gets up and leaves. All that is seen is that he is dressed in a full black suit...the camera fades.)

Good one, bright boy, we weren't supposed to know that was Death!
I guess I have a lot to learn, even from Sarcastic Fratboys. Especially...
Don't say it!
Don't say Phi-Alpha-Gammas? Okay, all teams are ready to go. The "pack" has been clumped. Our quote-unquote "jammers" are as follows: For the IC, it's Tyrone Mayhem and J. Fred Kokomo, Jr. For the Asylum Alliance it's BILL and ThatGuy. For the Independent team it's Petey the Peanut Guy and Billy the Baker! Everyone is ready to...
***whistle blows.
The jam-clock has been started. That's real raspberry jam we're using on that clock, and once it all runs off and into the bucket, we're stopping the clock. And they're off! J. Fred Kokomo Jr. takes an early lead; he's a pretty good skater for a monkey. Hot on his heels is Billy the Baker and ThatGuy. Petey the Peanut Guy is next, but BILL seems to have intertwined skate laces with Tyrone Mayhem! Tyrone is trying to get loose, and - oh! - BILL takes a cut right across the jaw.
He's hardcore, he can handle it. *snicker*
J. Fred is coming close to lapping the pack. Bohemoth and Gary the Glutton sandwich him between their massive bellies!
Organ Grinder: J. FRED! NO! You cold-hearted bastards!
The Organ Grinder, pounding away on Bohemoth. Bohemoth with a big belly-to-belly and pounds the OG into the ice. The Tiger pulls him back up. Prisoner X is elbowing Billy the Baker, trying to prevent a lap. Petey is gaining speed, and Billy gives him the big Irish whip! Look at him go! He's passed just about everyone. But big Sasquatch just picked him up and powerbombed him onto the boards! He was so close. Billy the Baker seizes the opportunity and squeaks through. Death and Tyrone Mayhem are going at it now, and Mayhem pulls out his collapsible crobar to give Death one at the back of the noggin!
He's still got that thing?
More to the point, he's still in the STWF? Homicidal Hank and the Tiger are teaming up to try and get Billy the Baker, but he just placed his hands on his hips.
Meaning what exactly?
That the clock has been stopped and this match is over!
He can do that?
Apparently. He WAS in the lead, after all.
Who makes up this crap?
Didn't see THAT one coming.
Amazingly enough, an Independent team has moved on to the semi-finals! And two stables are out of this game. Who knows what this could mean for the game?
Can we just get on with this? Asking too many questions actually forces me to think about stuff.
Very well. The next IceJam teams are the representatives of the Hubcap Gang, Club Med and get THIS independent team - Billy U. Badd, Sister Muffy, the Mad Cow, Big Buck Johanson, and "Flash" Flanagan. Flanagan has been drawing major heel heat both from the audience and the wrestlers backstage. Will they be able to coagulate as a team? Will Flanagan try to steal the spotlight? What about the Antler Factor from Johanson?
What'd I just say about questions, dude?
Our "jammers" are Claude Leroux and StreetMime, Nurse Heidi and Sillaconne M. Plants, Billy U. Badd and "Flash" Flanagan. Thoughts, Ted?
Yeah, one. Do you think the Professor ever got it on with Ginger?

This PPV has been...oh, heck, it was a harmless comment.

Remind me never to ask a Fratboy for his thoughts again.
***whistle blows.
Flash and Claude break out of the pack immediately! Claude Leroux is acting as a blocker, he dropkicks Flash in the back!
That's what you get for pissing a bunch of guys off.
Quite true. Flash is down, but not out! Meanwhile, Nurse Heidi is skating well and causing the rest of the pack to collapse into complete chaos!
Easy on the alliteration, dude.
I do have a name, you know. Claude and Flash are ready to lap. Billy U. Badd has just taken a whip from the Mad Cow, and he hits the wall instead of actually turning! Oh well. StreetMime moves out of the pack, but it seems too little too late. Sister Muffy in her masculine-yet-beautiful tube top and shorts and Big Buck Johanson both clothesline him to oblivion.
StreetMime: :(
Garry Greene just nudged Luke Warm! There he goes. He's a stonecutting machine!
Luke Warm: Okay...
I can't believe it! Luke is actually hopping the boards to comply! Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy gets a Stonecutter! I think he's out of it completely. Was it worth it, Ted?
Yeah, dude. Totally. Just don't let me swallow my tongue.
I won't make any promises. Nurse Heidi lifts up her skirt...

This PPV has been rated TV-14. Send your kids to bed. The boys already have enough material to work with as it is now.

Just about everyone falls. "Flash" and Claude Leroux expertly skate around the fallen bodies. And the jam has all run off the clock. Well, Flash and Claude scored an equal number of points...but I do believe StreetMime gets the deciding vote for lapping Billy U. Badd. So the Hubcap Gang moves on!
(bubbles at the mouth)
If you have nothing important to say, just lie there in a stupor please. It's time for the next match, as we'll see the Rogue's Gallery and two independent teams. Lenny Baxter, Jean Bannister, Jeffrey Steingold, douja and Tony Bascere...and Slick Willy, Switch, Sugarplum Harry, Sister Deloris and Ricky "DOOM" Johnson.
Huh huh...Dick Johnson.
Quiet! (picks up a lead pipe from offscreen and hits Ted with it.)
I'll point out that the Gallery is fighting a team with douja. Wait a minute! douja is skating for the Gallery, and now Très Sheik is on the independent team! What the heck? Nay, what the HELL?
***whistle blows.
douja and Khorne are jamming for the Gallery. The other jammers are Steingold, Jean Bannister, Switch, and Sister Deloris. What is Sister Deloris wearing? She has a ton of rosary beads wrapped around herself. Let's hope she doesn't trip and lose them.
I said QUIET! Wait, where are Tony Bascere and Slick Willy?
What? They were let go? Okay, I guess that means the independent teams are all down one. Colonel Khorne moves into the lead, but here comes Jean Bannister, skating like the pro he was! Sort of. Switch dekes in and out of the pack, and he's out in front now. Bannister headbutts him and keeps moving. douja is skating the wrong way! Someone turn him around! He meets up with Jean Bannister and takes out his knee. Bannister is down! He's down! Down, I tells ya! Sugarplum Harry chases after douja, and Très Sheik is making his move. Sugarplum Harry as we all know has experience from his Match On Ice with El Spheros way back when. Sister Deloris takes a string of beads off her garb and starts strangling both Homeboys with them! But why? WHY?!
Hmph. DOOM and Sergeant Genocide mixing it up. Genocide with a piledriver on the ice, and we now have a hole to contend with here. Switch meanwhile has lapped the pack, but douja's on his second go around, with his reversal tactics. Harry tries to splash him but fails. douja at least remembers to put his hands on his hips. What a stupid rule! Well, the Rogue's Gallery advance. And the rule has now been implemented: all the skaters must skate the same way.
Yeah. Last....match...dude...
Something like that, it's the last match of the first round. It's Grampa's Old Boys, it's Snare/Big Sir/Friar "Buck"/the Pencil-Necked Geek/the absent Beachman, who won't be showing... and we've got Sweet Candy Andy/Buzz Redwood/the Bully/Bait and the special mystery entrant... here he is now...
"Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant plays - on bagpipes. A rich-looking man in a kilt and a diamond stickpin enters. If you've been paying attention, it's the Mason.
I...wanted...a Reno....dude...*snicker*
If you're going to sell the Stonecutter, sell it. If you're not, just sit back up here and comment normally.
I don't need this lip from YOU, dude! I'm gonna do my own thing. Forget YOU, man. (walks off)
You can't walk across the rink! The match is...
***whistle blows.
I can't believe this! Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy has just wandered onto the ice. Snare's team is asking him to replace Dan "the Beachman" Smith. He has no choice with those folks. Captain Twilight and Irving Goldstein are doing a skaters' waltz around everyone else - who'd have guessed they'd be so good? Oh, but the Bully just levelled both of Grampa's Old Boys' "jammers". He just cracked his commode over the head of Captain Twilight! Grampa's Old Boys won't be advancing. They get off the ice. The Pencil-Necked Geek and Bait are sprinting out of the pack. They can't help but help each other out here! It's stable mentality kicking in! Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy just fell into the hole made by Sergeant Genocide's piledriver. No one is making a conscious effort to free him, and why should they? He was nothing but a nuisance, and a...can I say it now? I've been wanting to since the beginning...<-BLEEP->. Darn you, Seven-Second Tape Delay Guys! Working on a PPV even! He's a Phi-Alpha-Gamma, the joke is begging to be said! Oh well, no use complaining. The Mason is paying off the other team to take a dive, it looks like. And the Candyman is throwing in some of his services! See, over there? Gratuitous Tina, Miss Chlamydia, and Sunshine the stewardess. Maybe there's some stock in this "mystery entrant" after all.
The Mason: You better believe it, laddie.
Don't take that tone with me! I'm a Scotsman just as you.
The Mason: lowlander.
*grumble grumble grumble* He had to play the "lowlander" card. The Pencil-Necked Geek is slowing down to get that money, and none of Dr. Snare, Sir Hungalot or Friar "Buck" are making any attempts to stop Bait and the Mason. They keep skating on as if nothing was happening. The jam on the clock has all run off...this match is over! The team with the "mystery opponent" has actually advanced! What an odd turn of events that was.
I'll say.
Hello Captain. So glad you could make it.
Well, we tried. And that's all we can say. So, I see the Hubcappers are up first against VP's team. It was pretty anxious at first with Petey and Billy as bitter enemies at the time of the drawing, but now that they're partners, that team has a serious chance of winning.
Good point. Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy couldn't hold a candle to you.
***whistle blows.
Must we have that infernal whistle?
Go ahead, take it away from the Creepy Timekeeper, I won't stop you.
Never mind.
StreetMime is up and on crutches for this round, so Jamal Tupac Mustafa will replace him as the second "jammer". Everyone on the independent team is doing just fine. StreetMime has just snapped! He's taking out absolutely EVERYONE with his crutches! The crowd is loving it! Meanwhile, Jamal Tupac Mustafa and Claude Leroux have begun their lapping. Billy and Petey are trying to fend off the Mime's blows.
But why is StreetMime doing this? What does he want?
StreetMime: (points at Captain Twilight, takes off his striped shirt to reveal an "I'm Not a Heel, Damn It!" T-shirt.
Oh no, don't tell me StreetMime wants to take on "Flash" Flanagan too!
Say what you will about Flash, he can draw heat, and he's actually made the STWF quasi-interesting. Whether he can win or not is beyond me. Petey is moving off, but Billy gets a STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER! STONECUTTER!
Just one, right? Oh yeah, what's with this sign?
Don't hold it up! Cap, no!
Luke Warm: Boy, my work is never done. But ask and ye shall receive.
Captain Twilight just took a STONECUTTER! It's such an impressive move, you can't use lowercase letters for it! Nosireebob! Jamal Tupac Mustafa is first to rejoin the pack. Death just tosses a mickey in his eyes!
Death: I was saving that for after the show, too. You'll pay for that!
Gary Gourmando holding back Jamal. It's that commentator's professional jealousy, isn't that right, Cap?
You're in luck, here come the Ambulance Jockeys. Here come the Newbie Age Outlaws! But Sack and StreetMime are holding them off nicely. A SackHammer is applied! Yes, StreetMime is down. Hmm...a little misplaced if you ask me. Claude Leroux is last to join the group. Billy the Baker pulls out his Satanic rolling pin and clobbers everyone in his path, friend OR foe! Put your hands on your hips, Billy!
Billy: What, you mean like this?
This match is over! The independents have won yet again! We're running out of time, I hear the Right Hand Man has reserved this rink for a date! I hope he doesn't mind the hole in the ice that we made. Whoops.
Wassup, V?
No'much, m'brother.
Hmph. Wigger.
Our second semi-final will determine who takes on the Violent Pacifist and the Newbie Age Outlaws, Death, and the Fattest Icon in Wrestling(TM). It's the Rogue's Gallery vs. the "mystery team". douja wasn't feeling well, and his Gallery contract has yet to be signed, so his replacement will be Hector "Crude" Oil.
Dey can do dat?
We're not going to question a guy with a Billionaire's backing.
The Mason: I'm almost a billionaire...give me time!
Okay, okay.
***whistle blows.
"Crude" Oil literally slips past the competition - on his belly! Oh, wait, he just fell in the hole, where Ted the Sarcastic Fratboy is still freezing to death! Good thing oil and water don't mix, Hector managed to exit with ease.
How m-m-m-many t-t-times have I heard th-th-that?
What a Phi-Alpha-Gamma.
I couldn't have said it better myself. Elwood and C.P. (who have now forsaken the names Rhythm and Blues...), those Homeboyz are taking down Buzz Redwood and Sweet Candy Andy systematically. And their FUBU gear just looks so spiffy!
I dunno if I can respect 'em fo' dis.
I would think you'd be ecstatic.
Well, dey look cool, but da Motown sound, y'all can't abandon dat!
Perhaps. Col. Khorne is fumbling around, while Bait and the Mason are doing well, but Crude Oil is slipping and sliding like a Wet Banana(R).
Oh no you don't.
He can't put his hands on his hips when they're out in front like that. The jam is almost run off the clock.
Yo, is that raspberry? My fave!
Please don't eat the jam clock, Jamal.
Come on, man, I ain't eaten all day!
Jamal is destroying the jam clock, I don't know HOW we're going to call this match. Crude Oil has lapped everyone at least three times. Okay, the ref is saying since the jam isn't there anymore, the match is over.
Let's take a five-minute break, and get ready for our final match! The Rogue's Gallery! The Independents! Ohhhhh daddy, the Mega Match is upon us!
Y'all have GOTSTA be kiddin'.
While we're waiting, let's show you what prompted the Rhythm and Blues Express to become the Homeboyz! It's an interesting vignette.
It IS?

(Interior of the ROGUE's Gallery locker room)
Très Sheik: Look at you guys! You two plan on representing the Gallery like that?!
Rhythm: What do you mean, Daddy-o?
Sheik: That's just it. "Daddy-O"? Who uses that anymore? Nobody! And look at those Afros! Okay, those may have worked for the Temptations thirty years ago, but today they're highly passé!
Blues: Man, you've really gone bonkers!
Sheik: Bonkers?!? Have I?!? Look at this!
(Sheik throws over a catalogue containing Tommy Hilfiger's 1999-spring collection)
Rhythm: But these people don't look like they can dance in synchronicity!
Sheik: That's the point! This is the trend! People are into the whole faux-badass rapper thing and I believe they like their wrestlers to represent this!
Blues: Badass rappers? Doesn't that gimmick belong to your nemesis douja?
Sheik: Yes in a way, not exactly, he's just a pothead, but that's not what I want from you, and you couldn't pull that off anyway. Just look at those models. They're not really hardcore rappers; they just ripped off the look, mass-produced the culture by putting their clothes on every store rack and advertising billboard they could find, and stuck their designer logo on a prominent part of every garment they create for name recognition! Those models aren't rappers; I bet you they're really Johnny Mathis fans! I bet you those models never even smoked weed!
Rhythm: Oh. Sheik: Well, if you guys are truly going to represent the Gallery in style, I want you to represent this faux-rapper style. I want to see you wearing Tommy or Nautica labels on everything, and I mean everything! I want you guys using these trendy catchphrases like "Props" and "Don't even go there"! And most of all, you just HAVE to change that out-of-date name of yours!
Rhythm: To what?!?
Blues: Yeah! Berry Gordy gave it to us!
Sheik: Well the times have changed, and so too will your name! Let's see: we need something that won't be too vague for the general public, yet will still reflect the whole rap culture. Something not vulgar, yet still connoting this hardcore rap attitude. Something that will look nice and immediately recognizable on merchandise... Hmmmmm.......I've got it! The Homeboyz!
Rhythm: The Homeboyz?
Sheik: Yep! What do you think!
Blues: I think I'm going to be sick!
(Blues runs to the bathroom)
Rhythm: You really think we'll get a push from this?
Sheik: If this won't help you, nothing will! Look I got your outfits ready for tonight's IceJam!
Rhythm: Oh boy. What have we gotten ourselves into?

Wasn't DAT interestin',V. Dey just sold out.
And isn't that a wonderful wrestling cliché?
Well yeah, but...
Enough said!
***whistle blows.
The Independents have actually tried another tack. The "jammers" will now be Gary Gourmando and the Violent Pacifist?
Dat IS inneressin'.
Crude Oil was so successful last time that he'll be used again, as well as Elwood P. Crude Oil slips and slides, but Gary Gourmando is actually hanging on to him! Crude Oil has slowed to a crawl. And now he's stopped. Death smashes an empty whiskey bottle on Hector's head, and gives him a moonsault on top! They're down to one jammer now. Can Elwood P. "do dis", as it were?
Quit usin' our phrases, honky!
Oh no you didn't! No you didn't, b<-BLEEP->ch!
(A sissy slapfight has occurred at ringside)
(Here's how the rest of it goes down, because there's no commentators around. So, with Crude Oil out of the picture, Gary and the Violent Pacifist started skating around. Elwood P. was about in line with the VP and Gary of course was sluggish at best. All of a sudden, "Flash" Flanagan came in with twin chairs and started trying to crack the ice. Not a good way to win friends and influence people. He was doing quite well, and Billy the Baker took a plunge. Afterwards, Luke Warm and the Tiger came out - TOGETHER, mind - and cleaned house on the Rogue's Gallery. After the smoke had cleared, only the Violent Pacifist remained intact - "being above all the mayhem" and not getting involved. He skated gingerly past everyone and placed his hands on his hips to end the match, thus having his team win. For all the incapacitated commentators, I'm the disembodied narrator voice saying, Thanks for ordering IceJam, and goodnight!)
©1999 Stereo Type Wrestling Federation/Consejo Stereotypicos de Lucha Libre