Monday Nae Trous
Just Another Manic Monday...or is it?

Folks, if you've just joined us, we've actually had to skip the intro because something big is happening in the locker room! Let's go there now.
(The locker room. Dr. Snare is beating violently on SuperWrestler. Identity Crisis Man, Harlequin from Hell and StreetMime are preventing further access into the locker room area.)
Dr. Snare: First, you mess with me by saying that I'm not good enough for your cheap stable. Then you mess with my rankings. THEN you mess with my girl! How do you like it now that I'm messing with you, huh? HOW DO YOU LIKE IT?!
Folks, this is Angus "Vince" McMadden reporting from the announcers' booth. Unfortunately I can't see too much but I can tell you that SuperWrestler is definitely looking in sorry shape. Snare has just overturned a locker. And now he's powerbombed Supe onto it! Dr. Snare is out of control! Kandi is now getting a few kicks in to add insult to injury.
Dr. Snare: When I'm done with you, you'll be wishing that your only problem was this Plemmy, whoever he is.
SuperWrestler: You'll...get...yours....*groan*
Dr. Snare has just picked SuperWrestler up again...what's he going to do/ Piledriver onto the locker! Look at that dent. SuperWrestler is in serious trouble. Who can stop this carnage?
Sorry I'm late. I didn't know we were starting early. I heard all about it so far, and I've just been informed that B.F. Sack and Nik at Nyte were making their way to the locker room.
Let's hope it's soon enough. They're running into shot now! The three of Dr. Snare's allies are there to hinder them. Rodney Ricardo takes StreetMime aside. Darren #3 grabs Identity Crisis Man and we've got some mini-brawls happening as well. B.F. Sack is about to take on the Harlequin, but he shields himself with Glitter, what a coward!
You know these corporate flunkies, Vince, they're not ones to do anything offensive like hit females. Sack can't do much at all. He tries to get around Harlequin but the doorway is too narrow!
SuperWrestler is bleeding profusely now, Snare and Kandi unreleting. Snare with a diving headbutt made all the more powerful with his hockey mask. Sack finally gets through! He restrains Snare from doing any further harm. Officials are now making their way and "escorting" Snare out.
The question remains, how is Supe doing?
I'm not sure. He looks awful now, but let's hope this doesn't affect his performance on Friday as he takes on the Violent Pacifist for the North American championship belt.
Nik at Nyte and B.F. Sack are helping SuperWrestler up. He can still move under his own power, but just barely.
I think we should actually run the intro now, Vince.
Good idea.
(Pan interior of the Slobberknocker Arena. The pyro guys are waving their sparklers and shooting off their flare guns. Vinnie Mansbridge is in the rafters, with a sign around his neck reading "Sign me DK...please?" Other signs include "The King is dead", "Long Live the Cowboys" and "Pick Me Steve" (which a security guard is trying to remove from camera view).
Welcome everyone to Monday Nae Trous! I'm Angus "Vince" McMadden. Joining me are Captain Twilight and...where's our third commentator?
Right here, Vince. I think you need some Gallery infusion for this card.
Oh, hooray. Col. "Pops" Khorne is also joining us, folks. Well, I suppose it's going to be a good show, despite our weak-link commentator...
Not you. We've got Bohemoth vs. "Roughrider" Bill Murtough in what should be a fantastic match, we've got a three-way for a shot at the Mighty Bastard Psycho Driver tag belts, we've got an ICCTINACBBIC title defense, and the Chosen Ones in action against Identity Crisis Man and Harlequin from Hell.
Not to mention Homicidal Hank in debut action as he faces...(pauses to pull out a top hat)
Yes sir, a random opponent! Nobody was too keen on fighting Hank, so we'll just see about THAT! Of course, nobody who already has a match will be fighting him. He fights...(pulls out a name) Terror! Oh, this should be good. In fact, we'll do that now! Take it away, Announcer Lad.

This contest is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, making his debut STWF appearance, from the Pennsylvania State Mental Facility, weighing in at 257 lbs., HOMICIDAL HANK!
("I'm Going Slightly Mad" by Queen plays. Hank makes his way down the ring, alternately shaking hands and headbutting people on the way down. He enters the ring and starts hopping up and down to warm up. The fans are awestruck (or dumbfounded, one or the other.))
And his opponent, representing the newly-formed Greek Mafia, weighing in at 290 lbs., THE TERROR!
(Nothing happens. "Mouth" by Bush plays for a good long time. Eventually Terror makes his way out after being pushed in front of the curtain. He mouths off at someone behind the curtain and takes his sweet time entering the ring.)

I don't blame him that he doesn't want to fight Hank. Look at the guy; he's clearly insane, and probably more so than ThatGuy.
I'd have to see more of Hank before I'd go so far as to say that.
***bell rings.
Hank grabs the Terror by the hair and starts smashing him repeatedly into the turnbuckles!
HI! (thump) THE NAME'S HANK! (thump) PLEASED (thump) TO (thump) MEET (Thump) YOU! (THWACK!)
Even I felt that last hit. Ouch.
Homicidal Hank takes the Terror to the top rope. After all those hits I have no clue whether or not the Terror knows where he is.
Rather like me half the time.
Superplex by Hank! Terror with a nice bounce after impact. Hank covers:, kickout by Terror. Hank thought he had it, he's yelling at the ref. The ref is just backing off in a defensive posture. The Terror seizes the opportunity with a backslide! Hank putting the boots to Terror. He whips him into the buckle, and a big shoulderblock. The Terror is down. 1...2...Terror puts his foot on the rope.
So he's not exactly stupid.
I'd say stupid is exactly what he is, even if he has enough sense to put a foot on the ropes.
We aren't going to discuss Terror's lack of education today. I'm sorry. Speaking of which, where's the rest of the Greek Mafia?
They're probably in the back where it's safe.
What kind of a name is the Greek Mafia if nobody in the stable is Greek, and they happen to hate Greeks? It's like the Chosen Ones calling themselves the...
Might be wise to stop there unless you want to distance yourself from the stable.
I was GOING to say "Youngbloods". What, you thought I was going to say Nazis?
Well, I've got egg on my face. Did you see that move? Hank just levelled the Terror with a spinning clothesline! He covers: 1...2...kickout by the Terror! That was close.
Hank seems angry at that call again. Now he's getting physical with the ref! Never a good move if you're looking for a win.
My sources tell me he holds a record for most refs powerbombed in one match in the state of Florida.
Really? How many's that?
Eight. Topping the old record of seven, set just the previous week.
What the...
It's Florida.
Oh. Hank has the Terror in vertical suplex position...Terror goes down the quick way - straight down! Hank calls that move "the Homicidal Hammer"! The ref counts: 1...2...3. Terror has been disposed of by our newcomer.
Here is your winner, HOMICIDAL HANK!
Hank picks up the referee and powerbombs him for no good reason at all! What a despicable act!
The fans would disagree, Vince. They seem to like his disrespect for authority.
Honestly, what decent fans would want to put their support behind some rebel who beats up those in power?
(pause) On to the next match! Wait, not yet. Here comes ThatGuy in his famous wheelbarrow! That got the fans riled up even more! Both men are just staring at each other.
My, they certainly look alike, don't they?
I don't know what's going on here, but ThatGuy just nods and leaves in the wheelbarrow. I guess our Wheelbarrow Man didn't have the time to take off.
Well, ThatGuy's nuts, nobody said he had to fight people upon getting to the ring. Nobody really expected him to just inspect Hank.
You're right, nobody did. Now can we get on to the next match?
Sure, I'm getting paid either way. Popcorn?
I'll pass.
This is a tag team contest that is set for one fall. Making their way to the ring first, accompanied by Glitter, with a total combined weight of 437 lbs., here are HARLEQUIN FROM HELL AND IDENTITY CRISIS MAN!
(The theme song from CHiPS plays...whatever. Identity Crisis Man is dressed like Sugarplum Harry, with Bob made to look like a very small clay golem.)
And their opponents, with a total combined weight of - this can't be right - 228 lbs? It is? Oh Lord. Here are Irving Goldstein and Jeffrey Steingold, THE CHOSEN ONES!
("Hava Nagila" plays. The two old Jewish men enter wearing their slacks and wingtips. Both men have magic-markered "OBN" on their bare chests. The fans don't know whether to boo or cheer. Or just leave.)

***bell rings.
Now THIS match should be a winner. *Yawn* Can I be excused, please?
Fine with me, I don't like you. (Khorne leaves)
It's about time the Chosen Ones get some respect around here. They may be light, but they're really good!
Possibly, but I'd much rather discuss the events surrounding Dr. Snare and SuperWrestler than call this match. You don't mind, do you?
Of course I mind. These are my friends.
Fine, but what do you think motivated Dr. Snare into pulling off such an act?
It's quite obvious he was frustrated at his rejection by the Hubcap Gang followed by his loss to...hey, wait a minute! Call the match!
I will, I will, but do you think it's possible that Dr. Snare and his crew might join the Rogue's Gallery to help them combat the Right Hand Man's corporate flunkies?
I sure hope not, that would spell doom and gloom for the Hubcappers. Furthermore...darn it, you did it again!
Sorry, but I just can't help it. These issues need to be addressed! And it really can't wait until we have our intermission and Cho Momma entertains the crowd. Do you think that Snare, ICM and Harlequin, and of course StreetMime can last as allies?
Highly doubtful. They just have too little...DAMN! CALL THE MATCH! Aw, geez, it's over, who the hell won?
Does it matter? The match meant nothing. The Chosen Ones are dancing in the ring, so I guess they won.
And we missed it? That's it, McMadden, you're out of my Christmas list AND my will!
I was in your will? If I had known that I would, you wouldn't want to know what I would have done. It looks like it's time for some commercials, so sit tight folks, we'll be right back!

This episode of Monday Nae Trous was brought to you by Fat Matt's Gigantic Beef Jerky Sticks for the Morbidly Obese. Need a little cellulitement? Snap into a Fat Matt. Ohhhh daddy! *Squelch*

Boy, ten-second spots for Fat Matt aren't going to pay the bills. Thank goodness garden implements are cheap, we may not be able to afford enough for the people who forgot to bring weapons to the Bunkhouse 'Blivion Brawl.
You'd be surprised how many trowels are back there. And I think someone REALLY lucky can get a barely-functional Weed Whacker (TM).
I'm not interested in that. It's time for the three-way tag team match. It's a battle of the entertainers. The Vegas Connection, Nik at Nyte, and the Rhythm and Blues Express.
I see they decided to rip off TWO tag team names from the 80s now.
Don't malign my colleagues, old man.
Oh, great, you're back. And I see the ref was replaced after Hank powerbombed the last one. I can only assume this other ref was around for the second match with the Chosen Ones.
Making their way down the aisle, team #1, accompanied by Rimshot, representing the Entertainment Industry and with a combined weight of 576 lbs., here are Lester Leary and Larry Lowbrow, THE VEGAS CONNECTION!
(Lester is wearing his informal black/lime green leisure suit, and is singing "Viva Las Vegas" as Larry strides beside him and Rimshot wheels behind them both.)
Team #2, representing the Hubcap Gang, with a total combined weight of 520 lbs., here are Rodney Ricardo and Darren #3, NIK AT NYTE!
(The rap remix of "With a Little Help from My Friends" plays as the corporate flunkies make their way down. They are still wearing the badly-fitting business suits.)
Team #3, representing the Rogue's Gallery and accompanied by the Rogue, with a total combined weight of 600 lbs. even, here are Elwood P. Rhythm and C.P. Blues, THE RHYTHM AND BLUES EXPRESS!

Voiceover: Are you ready for a brand new BEAT?!
("Dancing in the Streets" by Martha and the Vandelas plays as the large Afro-Americans (with emphasis on Afro) with the pink Spandex boxers dance to the ring. Beverages are being thrown at them left, right, and center, until the Rogue stops the ring crew from tossing their own drinks from the center.)
***bell rings.
How exactly is this match going to go down?
The Express is going to win the match and get their title shot, leaving the other two teams bloody and battered in the middle of the ring.
No, I meant what are the rules?
Three men in the ring at once, two pinfalls are required to win the match. It's Lester, it's Elwood, and it's Darren #3 to start things off. Lester Leary hiptosses Rhythm. Darren #3 knocks him down almost immediately thereafter. He tries a double pin: not even a one count.
Can't blame him for trying to kill two birds with one stone.
Lester dropkicks Darren #3. Elwood P. Rhythm puts Lester in a full nelson. Lester reverses it. D3 taking advantage, he's giving Elwood some REAL Top-40 hits! Ha ha!
Good one, Vince.
Shut up, both of you.
Rhythm goes to tag in C.P. Blues. Blues jumps the ring and he's pounding away at Lester Leary. Now Darren #3 and Blues are in a big brawl. Lester sneaks away to tag in Larry Lowbrow. Double dropkick on Darren and C.P. by the Vegas Connection! Both men stagger forward a bit and turn their attentions on the duo from Nevada. Rimshot is asking them to retreat!
Chickens. Look at those two run! Ah, they'll fight again someday.
The ref is counting the Vegas Connection out. It looks like we're down to two teams, both of whom are in a big feud with each other! Darren #3 tags in Rodney Ricardo. Rodney with some chops on Blues. Now a spinning back kick! Blues goes down, surprisingly. Rodney goes to make the cover: Blues is up, he uses some closed fists, and the ref is letting it go!
Sure, he knows that these two teams have bad blood, why not make it interesting?
Blues with a spinebuster slam! He covers: 1...2...Rodney kicks out. Rodney tags Darren #3 back, I think they're going to use some double-teaming. Double clothesline takes down Blues. Both men applying legdrops now, and the ref is ushering Rodney out as the five seconds expire. Darren #3 tags Rodney back!
Now this really shouldn't be allowed.
It's perfectly legal unlike closed fists.
Oh, spare me.
Both men on the top buckles...double flying elbowdrop! The cover: 1....2.....shoulder up by Blues. Blues is staggering. He's going to tag Elwood P. Rhythm... Rodney drags him back. Rodney looks like he's going to give C.P. Blues the Babalu Bounce! He pulls him up...not quite...backdrop by C.P. Blues. He uses his last ounce of strength to tag in Elwood Rhythm. Rhythm is hammering away at Rodney like mad, and I sense that we're into endgame!
Here come the NiGhtMare and the Terror. My guess is they're not happy about their lack of a title shot, promised them by the Total Annihilators.
Excuse me? They're not ranked. They don't deserve a shot. Since when are the Total Annihilators booking title matches? I've got to discuss this with the Rogue.
The Greek Mafia representatives are trying to take down Rhythm and Rodney. They're actually succeeding, to an extent. The ref is calling for the bell.
That's it! Excuse me again.
Yeah, go ahead. There goes Col. "Pops" Khorne of the Rogue's Gallery, interfering as Gallery-ites are wont to do. NM and Terror feel that their work is done, and walk off confident that no one is getting a shot.
I don't think that's to be the final result.
Well, the match didn't end cleanly. Who gets the Psycho Driver title shot?
The ref has informed me, that because of the interference, he has no choice but to....AWARD THIS MATCH TO THE RHYTHM AND BLUES EXPRESS!
(Loud boos)
Hey! Don't blame me, I'm just the Announcer. Besides, what did you expect, the ref was Fred Meatnsaucy. Look at him!

What do you know? He's right!
The Rogue's Gallery taking advantage of the fallen ref in the first match, and netting Rhythm and Blues a shot at the Total Annihilators. The Hubcap Gang can't be pleased. First SuperWrestler gets brutally beaten, and now this.
You don't like it, tough. This is the night the Hubcap Gang goes down. Well, the first night of many, actually. Ha ha ha!
You guys think you're so special because you have all that money, and you have an STWF executive backing you, and you have a wrestler with a title...don't you?
Well, yeah. Wouldn't you feel special?
Here comes Très Sheik now, ready for his match with douja.
Ello. It iz I, Très Sheik, the Sultan of Sweet (with the emphasis on Sultan!), and I am a champion, with thiz belt to prove it! Now, where iz thiz douja? Iz he ready for hiz humiliation?
(Grandma enters from behind the curtain)
Grandma: My grandson can't rassle tonight. He's...sick.
Sheik: Ha ha! Sick of being beaten by the best? How unfortunate. Well? Iz anyone else in attendance who will challenge me for my belt? Where is Tyrone Mayhem?

It's a well-known fact that Mayhem isn't in attendance tonight, he's off w restling in Canada, and trying to spend that money he won in the Shoot-For-Loot.
Really? I didn't know that.
That's why I'm the fact box around here and you're not.
Sheik: No? How about the Pencil-Necked Geek?
Sorry. I'm stumped. The Geek hasn't been seen in some time.
Sheik: Are you all zo afraid of me? Harlequin from Hell? Are you man enough to face my challenge?
Well, lookie here, Harlequin's on the Monstron.
Harlequin from Hell: I could take you any day of the week, Sheik, but truth is, I can't appear for a second time. Sugarplum Harry has been reported in the building, and I can't take chances leaving Glitter with StreetMime.
StreetMime: " "
Sheik: So you're just a plain coward then. Iz there nobody around who is willing to try my superiority?

Yes! Here comes Irving Goldstein! He can have a shot because he's ranked. And he's rushing down to the mat, ready to put the "Gold" in "Goldstein".
Not a chance.
***bell rings.
Goldstein appears to have caught Très Sheik off guard. I don't think the Sheik was expecting to fight anyone! Irving Goldstein with rights and lefts, whips the Sheik against the turnbuckle, back body drop by Goldstein! Goldstein with a legdrop, but the Exorbitant Arab gets out of the way. The Sheik now up. He picks up Goldstein and a big slam to the canvas. He's got the old Jewish man in an armbar submission. Look at the old guy scream!
A sight anyone can be proud of.
Watch it, popcorn vendor.
Goldstein just reaches the ropes. Goldstein gives the champ two big elbows. And now a Russian legsweep from the "power man" of the Chosen Ones.
Power man? You're kidding, right?
Well, he is the heavier half. By two pounds. Anyway, Goldstein covers: 1...2...kickout. Irving should have hooked the leg.
Yeah, that's right! Where was that whole "experience" thing you geezers yammer about there, huh?
He's just building up a false sense of security. THAT'S the experience factor.
The Sheik has Goldstein in a figure-four submission!
Yeah! Ha ha, take that, oldtimer.
No respect. You need an etiquette lesson and soon.
And who's going to give it? YOU?
Goldstein has just reversed the hold!
NO! Come on, buddy, you can beat this guy.
The champion is having a lot of difficulty reaching the ropes.
Sorry, boys, I've got to leave again.
Oh no you don't!
I don't believe this. Both of my colleagues are at ringside now. Col. Khorne is trying to get in the ring, and Captain Twilight is holding him back! Wait, here comes Aboriginal 1 from the crowd! He smashes an empty whiskey bottle over Irving's head. The ref is calling this one out. And this time, the ref is NOT Fred Meatnsaucy. The Right Hand Man made sure of that during the Sheik's little spiel.
Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, as a result of a disqualification, IRVING GOLDSTEIN! Remember, the title cannot change hands as a result of a disqualification, therefore the champion is still Très Sheik!
Irving Goldstein pulls off a win, but not the belt. I'm sure this will put him higher in the Ivory Tower's eyes. Wait, here comes the Right Hand Man now!
RHM: Rogue, I saw what your crony did to Goldstein as he was about to win the match and become the new champion. You can't get away with this forever. So I'm giving Goldstein another shot at the a special extra match at the BUNKHOUSE 'BLIVION BRAWL! So there!
Well, that certainly seems fair, but I wonder how the Rogue will take it.
Not well. But the Right Hand Man and his Hubcappers are going to get theirs eventually.
It's time for the main event, so let's get to it! "Roughrider" Bill Murtough has been one of the most highly-anticipated wrestlers in recent history, and getting a match with Bohemoth so early in his career can only serve to help him. Still, I think the massive Bohemoth has this one firmly secured.
I can't be too sure of that, Vince. I've attended some of Murtough's practices, and he's got some great signature maneuvers. Bohemoth will really have his work cut out for him.
This contest is set for one fall. Making his way to the ring, from Lubbock, Texas and weighing 330 lbs., accompanied by Lady Lasso, here is "ROUGHRIDER" BILL MURTOUGH!
(Vic the Sound Guy keys "Thunder Rolls" by Garth Brooks. Bill Murtough gets a really nice pop. Lady Lasso walks closely behind, so close she's in his shadow.)
And his opponent, from Charleston, West Virginia, weighing 490 lbs., representing the Asylum Alliance, here is BOHEMOTH!
("In the Hall of the Mountain King" by Grieg plays as Bohemoth runs to the ring.)
***bell rings.
Bohemoth is right in there. He charges Murtough and a huge belly-to-belly suplex. Look at that ring shudder. Murtough gets up as if nothing had happened! Bohemoth is utterly stunned. Murtough with a forearm shiver, but Bohemoth doesn't go down. Murtough tries a hiptoss to no avail. Bohemoth with another belly-to-belly! He's going to the middle, the TOP rope! Here comes a big splash...Roughrider lifts the knees. Bohemoth rolls outside the ring, clutching his stomach. Murtough leaps over the ropes, and a missile dropkick is applied!
See? You never see it coming from a big man like Roughrider.
Murtough and Bohemoth are in a huge brawl. Bohemoth smacks Murtough's head against the ringpost! He tries it again, but Murtough holds on, and this time it's the coal miner who gets to taste the ringpost. Murtough with an Irish whip, Bohemoth right into the ringsteps.
If he had been any smaller, he'd get a good shoulder into the steps, as opposed to say, tripping over them like he did.
Bohemoth picks up the steps and jams them right into the cowboy's midsection. He's going for an overhead smash now...Murtough with a big kick and Bohemoth hits himself in the head with those steel steps!
Steel? Really? They look more like...well, they're weaker than steel.
Both men just beat the count-out as they re-enter the ring. A lot of good hits were traded there.
You know, for a non-Gallery match, this is pretty entertaining. Popcorn, Cap?
I'm not falling for THAT again.
Bohemoth has Roughrider in a vertical suplex position, and he's holding on. Look at that power! Ten whole seconds, and Roughrider goes down afterward. Our first cover of the match: 1...2...Roughrider out on two. Bill Murtough is pulled up by his hair. What's Sweet Candy Andy doing at ringside with Lady Lasso?
What else? I think we know what Sweet Candy Andy's all about.
I don't think any formal proposition has been made yet, but the Candyman certainly made his intentions known, and he's walking away.
Lady Lasso definitely looks pensive, doesn't she?
Bill Murtough didn't notice a thing. He's totally focussed on Bohemoth.
That's not always a good thing. If that was true, Andy could have walked away with the Lady in tow, and Roughrider would be down one woman. Bringing his total to zero.
An astute observation, if explained clumsily. Murtough with a headbutt. And now a reverse DDT! Roughrider covers. 1...2...Bohemoth gets the shoulder up. Bohemoth grabs the ropes for leverage to get out. A few kicks applied to Murtough. He gives Murtough a huge Irish whip. Roughrider bounces and drops to his knees. Bohemoth charges again and starts kneeing the cowboy in the face. The ref is trying to stop this, even though it's not exactly against the rules.
It is legal, but not exactly smiled upon.
The coal miner now slams Murtough's head into the canvas. Things are looking bleak for the Roughrider!
Bohemoth is going up top it time for the Smasher?
If Bohemoth pulls this off I'll be amazed.
Bohemoth has already failed one high-risk maneuver tonight. He's ready to give his Smasher moonsault, and there he goes! NO! Murtough rolls away. Bohemoth belly-flops. Roughrider gets to his feet. He whips Bohemoth against the ropes. Bohemoth bounces, Murtough scoops him up on the rebound, spin in mid-air, and the cowboy just pulled a piledriver out of his ten-gallon hat!
I talked to him about that move at his practice. He calls it the "Rifleman", after Chuck Connors' rifle-spinning tactics.
Amazing move nonetheless. He goes for the pin: 1...2...3! Unbelievable! Bill Murtough with a big upset victory over Bohemoth.
The Ivory Tower HAS to take notice of that.
I'll say. Has he joined a stable yet? I think the Rogue should talk to him.
I wouldn't be surprised if a ton of stables would be knocking on his door. It's known that Der Kommissaar likes cowboy wrestlers, and Murtough is well-liked by the fans...maybe the Hubcap Gang would be interested. But this is all conjecture.
Folks, it's been a great night. We'll have an update for SuperWrestler as soon as we can, but he is still scheduled to challenge the Violent Pacifist for the North American championship. In addition, Mittens will be facing Iceberg of the Total Annihilation Squad, the Rhythm and Blues Express in action again as they face the Total Annihilators, and a double-debut match whereby Marshall Madd will take on the Redeemer.
I thought he pronounced it "Redimeer".
"Redimeer"? That doesn't make any damn sense. Does he have a speech impediment or something?
Wouldn't be the first. And we have been informed that on the next Monday Nae Trous, we'll see a triple-threat tag match between the Unlikely Alliance, the Circus Freaks and Milwaukee's Best! Until Friday, for Col. "Pops" Khorne and Captain Twilight, this is Angus "Vince" McMadden saying, keep your pants off!
©1998 Stereo Type Wrestling Federation/Consejo Stereotypicos de Lucha Libre