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The Stereo Type Wrestling Federation

Because You Can't Spell "Sticky Waffle" Without STWF!


Enter a place where the budget is low, the staff all have issues, the announcers are constantly distracted, and the wrestlers are the strangest crop ever assembled under one roof.
A place where anything truly can happen and often does. A place where insanity and eccentricity are taken in stride. A place where matches can get scripted at the drop of a hat, or booked by pulling names out of one. Where mimes descend from the rafters and get pummelled, and where demons from Hell exist in the form of computer geeks. A place where Vince McMahon's and Eric Bischoff's (and hey, Vince Russo's, why not) worst nightmares and next ideas are both born.
So sit back, relax, grab a beverage, and suspend your disbelief. You're in the Stereo Type Wrestling Federation, and it's not your father's fed.

Yes, this is an imagemap.

CANADA DAY CHAOS! Because YOU demanded it!

Name Dropping
Thanks to Tom Garrett for some of the stable pics! A nice touch to this fed.
The STWF is a happy member of Pfapforec '99, the parody fed circle to end all parody fed circles! Unfortunately, we're the only fed that's still active (I think, I'm not sure about the MBC which is mail-only). Want a taste of the other sides? Take a gander at 'em for what they're worth.

The STWF is a parody fed, designed to be (somewhat) funny. This humour does collapse into bad taste sometimes, but hey, everything does. We also do use the occasional "connotation" among other stuff that kiddies out there might not be best off reading. So use your judgement.

Intro to the STWF

The STWF/CSTLL didn't really start out as a legitimate e-wrestling federation.
It was a joke created by three students, of whom I am one.
The other two were "The Right Hand Man" Andre Basic and "rogue" STWF executive Anthony Battista.
The original rogue left the STWF, and the NEW "rogue," Darrel Sultana, filled his shoes to keep the executive "dissension" alive.
Also, my original RHM is gone, replaced by the technical wizard (sic) Edward Weinstein.
The STWF was created working on the notion that we could do better than Vince and Eric to make up bad gimmicks. It worked, but got too big for its breeches. About 30 wrestlers were created; some have fallen out of favour. And yet, something was lacking. A sense of interactivity. Sure, we had bad gimmicks, TONS of personality, and even some matches! But no one to share it with.
That's where you, the internet surfer reading this now, come in. How about you mail me and join?
Other contacts: (for Hubcapper and Gallery angles ONLY!)
The Right Hand Man
The Rogue

Or you could go to the Image Factory above, where your gimmick gets signed, sealed and delivered to me over the web.
Here's what you need to create a viable wrestler:
Obvious stuff: Name, height, weight, hometown, you know the drill.
Other stuff: Costume, music, manager (if applicable), finisher, wrestler type (brawler, techie, flyer, jobber (Hey, why not?)).
Obscure stuff: Backstory. What's his past? Why did he come to wrestling?
Don't worry about alignment/ring politics. If you want to include them, fine. No biggie. But the STWF originals turn back and forth with the tide! (The really bad gimmicks can be heels or faces - honest!)
The better your backstory is, and the more amusing his demeanor, the more likely he won't job.
This is not to say we can't get extreme. Our wrestlers juice just like the rest.
You can have a bad gimmick and still have him really hardcore! (Look at Hak - what's up with that?).
One final point: Nobody real and NO WORLD ORDERS! You put in a real wrestler, chances are I won't even respond. Got it? Stables are fine, but they can't be "world orders."
Some of our wrestlers may be slightly familiar, but hey, it IS the Consejo Stereotypicos de Lucha Libre!

This federation is in full swing. Cards appear twice a week now. Thanks to the UnderWriter(s?), who wishes to remain anonymous.
Notes: Send all mail in a roleplay form for better results. (of course, use the flashboard in a roleplay form too.) If you want to join as a regular wrestler, mail to my address but you can address it to "Der Kommissaar". Unless you're using the Image Factory, of course.
We have a number of stables. None of them are owned by Der Kommissaar anymore. However... The Hubcap Gang is owned by the Right Hand Man. Do you play to the crowd? Are you a corporate flunkie? Then ask the RHM if you can join his "elite face" group.
The Rogue's Gallery is a bit different. "The Rogue" executive runs this. He only accepts the stupidest of gimmicks, so if you want to join him, it better be good (in a bad sense).
He's the master of the elite heels. Join him and you're sure to get heat...just not good heat.
Other stables? I'll let you know who to talk to.
I check my mail pretty often (but rarely weekends), so responses come quickly. Entry acknowledgements are guaranteed, confirmations not nearly as much - due to a big roster, we have to be a bit selective. WE ARE OPEN TO NEW APPLICANTS. MAN, ARE WE OPEN.
However, once you get your confirmation, YOU MUST MAKE A ROLEPLAY to be added to the dramatis personae (roster). Otherwise, I'll assume you're not committed and forget you.

Sending me information about your wrestlers (flashes, roleplays, challenges, etc.) improves your chances of title shots (of course, good character is needed too.)

We have six major pay-per-views a year:
1) Canada Day Chaos (early July) - a combination Lethal Lottery/Survivor Series with teams of three;
2) A given stable-based PPV (late August-to-early September) a stable gets equal time (kinda like Souled Out), examples are Mexico Madness and Asylum Anarchy;
3) Monster Bash (late October) - all gimmick matches;
4) Bunkhouse 'Blivion Brawl (around new year) - deadly! Must be seen to be believed!;
5) Heart-Breaking Hell (mid-February) - a "make-'em-juice-to-win" pay-per-view;
6) SUPERCARD (late April to early May) - DA BIGGEST CARD OF DEM ALL! Everyone is in, and I don't care if it does take 25 matches. Or more!
We also have various "In Your Face" Pay-per-views, occasionally between the regular ones. These appear when I feel like it. "In Your Face: Worst Case Scenario" is a good example.
In addition, there's Monday Nae Trous every week with Angus "Vince" McMadden; Captain Twilight, the actively retired octogenarian wrestler; and Jamal Tupac Mustafa, need we say more? (but does change occasionally) and Thursday Something-or-Other (replacing Friday Friday Friday), with McMadden and Captain Twilight.
Recently we've had a bunch more announcers around, like Col. "Pops" Khorne, Gary "the Glutton" Gourmando, the Pencil-Necked Geek, and formerly, "Black" Jack Dealer. You get slight variations in match calling with different announcers, but the same basic package.

All of our titles have about three to five contenders each - for now. Of course, just like in real wrestling, our federation is not without its jobbers!
We purposely created guys like OddJobber, Four, and StreetMime to name a few.

Results will be determined by a combination of randomization, quality and quantity of roleplays (both mailed and on the flashboard), and the decrees of the STWF executives (ie angle promotion). I've found that matches are a lot less exciting if you use something like TNM to decide everything. No ads for pay-per-views, no witty commentary, and if you try to use both TNM and add your own stuff, then matches take up too much space. Trust me on that one. Besides, Oliver Copp is the Darkspawn and his product is evil. (In our opinion, anyway, that's not factual. Just the jokes, guy. Oliver Copp can't sue us now.)

STWF television broadcasting is brought to you by...
Meatnsaucy Powdered Gravy

This site is maintained by Der Kommissaar and the Right Hand Man. We're so corporate it's too much for one person!
Last update: May 24, 2000.

We're never stopping construction here.
Beg all you want, it won't do any good.